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We can be reached by telephone.  Please dial the main number followed by the extension you wish to reach.  With diminishing reimbursement, we cannot afford live operators to direct calls.  Please follow the instructions to self direct your call to the right destination.  Please leave a message when our staff is not available to answer your call.  Voicemails are checked frequently and we will return your call.

We can be reached by Fax.  This is an old technology and the industry standard.  It is not reliable nor flexible.  Manuel processing is required and delay is often inevitable.

Patients may reach us by messaging through our HIPPA compliant Patient Portal free of charge.  This is a new technology, fast and reliable.


You are welcome to email us and assume the risk of transmitting information through the internet that may not be secure.

Extensions and Emails to Support Teams:

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  • Appointment:
    Ext 122;  Email
  • Insurance Verification and Authorization
    Ext 126;  Email
    Direct Fax:  (239) 567-9275
  • Email Us Copies of Your Insurance Cards

Tel: (239) 590-9190

Fax: (888) 217-0290 or (239) 989-0166

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